Blue Planet Diamond Head Pro Am, June 12-13, 1999

Pro Men: Pro Women:

1. Pascal Bronnimann (Switzerland)
2. Fabrice Beaux (France-Kailua)
3. Sean Aiken (Maui)
4. Clay Wiggins (Honolulu)
5. Kai Katchadourian (Maui)

1. Kelly Moore (Maui)
2. Sonja Evensen (Norway-Kailua)
3. Jennifer Henderson (Maui)
4. Dora Bria (Brazil)
5. Claudia Manno (Italy)

pascaldh99.JPG (10295 bytes)
Pascal Bronnimann blasting an aerial, Brian Kim Photo

Kellydh.JPG (28054 bytes)
Kelly Moore slashing ,  Brian Kim photo
Amateur Men: Amateur Women:
1. Nathan Mershon (Maui)
2. Jeff Fleming (Kauai)
3. Arnaud Bossuyt (France)
4. tie-Bob Bohn (Honolulu)
4. tie-Kris Sexton (Honolulu)
1. Deborah Schulman (Honolulu)
2. Yukiko Sato (Japan-Honolulu)
3. Lorenn Walker (Waialua)
4. Joan Forester (Aiea)
5. Karen Liliker (Honolulu)

Masters (40+):

1. Mike Dale (Honolulu)
2. Danny Gauen (Honolulu)
3. Byron Kitkousky (Honolulu)
4. Randy Gersten (Waialua)
5. Tom Watkins (Honolulu)

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Light winds and nice clean 3-5 foot surf made this yearís Blue Planet Diamond Head Pro-Am a surferís dream. Big sails and floaty boards were necessary and worked well for the top competitors. After 2 rounds of the Pro Men, Switzerlandís Pascal Bronnimann and French local boy Fabrice Beaux were tied with the leading scores. The stage was set for a showdown, "mano a mano." Though their sailing styles differed, it was a close heat with an aggressive Bronnimann and a stylistic Beaux matching wave for wave. However, by unanimous decision, the judges voted Bronnimann the victor after pulling off an impressive forward in the light wind conditions. Yet despite the upset win by Bronnimann, Beaux continues to lead in the 1999 US National Wave Sailing Championship Tour. Sean Aiken, who landed 1st at Mokuleia but 3rd at Diamond Head, still leads Beaux for the Hawaiian Windsurfing Championship Tour.

In the Amateur Menís division, Jeff Fleming of Kauai was on a mission since he had missed the first round of competition on Saturday. He placed 1st in the second round when as one of the few wave sailors and the only Amateur, he was able to execute a back loop in the eventís light wind conditions. Despite his incredible efforts, Nathan Mershon of Maui cemented both his National and Hawaiian Tour leads with his overall 1st place victories.

For the Pro Women, the local advantage did not pay off with top spots going to non-local competitors. After three rounds of heated competition, National Tour leader Kelly Moore of Maui secured her 1st place national lead and now ranks 2nd in the Hawaiian Tour. Norwegian local girl Sonja Evensen slashed her waves strongly into second. Despite the fact that Jocelyn Hrkach of Maui and Jennifer Webb of Honolulu did not place in the top five at the Diamond Head event, they still lead the Hawaiian Tour with 1st and 3rd places, respectively.

Congratulations to the Amateur Women who were able to round up enough of their peers to create their own division for the first time in Hawaiian Windsurfing Championship Tour history. Lorenn Walker secures her first place lead in the Hawaiian Tour with her 5th place win at Mokuleia and her 3rd place victory at the Diamond Head event.

The Masters always provide a show with heated competition between its 40+ year old competitors. Mike Dale of Honolulu finally beat out the strong wave riding performance of Danny Gauen of Kailua. This makes Dale tied with Randy Gersten for 1st overall in the Hawaiian Tour with Byron Kitkousky consistently placing 3rd at both Mokuleia and Diamond Head, making him 3rd in the Hawaiian Tour.

Congratulations to all competitors for their efforts. The last stop for the National Tour is at Pistol River, OR, June 24-28, and the last event for the Hawaiian Tour is October 9-10 at Hookipa, Maui.


Josh Seymour

Event Director