Maui's Sean Aiken soars to WIN over international field of entrants
Hawaiian Windsurfing Champs
1st event of 99 season at Mokulei`a

Next stop on US Nat'l WaveSailing Tour: Jalama Bch, Calif.
then back to Hawai`i at Diamond Head on June 12

Final Results Event 1:
Hawaiian Windsurfing Championships
Hawaiian Watersports North Shore Challenge
Event 3 of the U.S. National Wavesailing Championship Tour
Pro Men 1. Jocelyn Hrkach (Canada) 1. Sean Aiken (Maui) 2. Colette Guadagnino 
(Venezuela) 2. Kai Katchadourian (Maui) 3. Jennifer Webb (Honolulu) 3. Fabrice 
Beaux (France) 4. Jenny Ellefson (Maui) 4. Pascal Bronnimann (Switzerland) 5. 
Lorenn Walker (Waialua) 5. Hisao Nakazato (Japan) AM MEN  Masters(40+) 
1. Nathan Mershon (Maui) 1. Randy Gersten (Kahuku) 2. Jeff Fleming (Kauai) 2. 
Doug Hunt (Maui) 3. Pat Tosaki (Honolulu) 3. Byron Kitkousky (Pearl city) 4. Kris 
Sexton (Maui) 4. Mike Dale (Honolulu) 5. Bob Bohn (Honolulu) 5. Melvin Hovakimian 
This weekend at Mokulei`a small surf along with strong tradewinds made for great jumping conditions for the first event of the H.W.C. tour. This event was also the 3rd of 7 events in the newly formed US National Tour. The outer Islands were strongly represented with several competitors from Maui and Kaua`i.

Next stop on the National Tour is Jalama Beach, CA Apr. 29-May 2 and The Hawaiian Tour resumes June 12-13 at Diamond Head.

Our Next Oahu event is a race in Kailua May 8-9,
The Neilpryde Kailua Cup
Josh Seymour Event Organizer
Current Productions / Hawaiian Watersports

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