The Wave On is one of the most powerful wave sails on the market. Originally conceived as wave sail for the heavier sailors and onshore conditions, the Wave On performs so well in any condition and in such a wide range of use, that it is one of our most popular sail lines. The 2002 model mantains all the horsepower and neutrality of it's predecessor, with a new design and construction with more X - Ply and Kevlar for a bomb proof resistence. Despite the power the Wave On is light and super easy to sail.
The profile of the Wave On is quite deep, and well distribuited vertically. The relatively big Dacron luff panel combined with a mastsleeve manufactured with the softer Tejin fabric enhance the flexibility and smoothness of the rotation. Performing equally well in onshore as well as in sideshore conditions, it is also a great bump & jump sail, and for cruising around on windy days on your freeride board.

The construction of the Wave On is super strong, lots of X - Ply in the sail body, with stable 175 micron monofilm windows, and a Kevlar reinforced perimeter make this a bulletproof object. Also the dacron luff panel with lots of two and three plys makes this sail almost indestructible. The complete section of the mastleeve below the boom is padded, giving extra protection to your board. This sail features a 5 batten configuration, necessary to support the profile and for a higher range of use.
The Wave On is available in 7 sizes, from 4,2 to 6,1, best used on wave, freestyle and freemove boards.


Ideal Mast Luff Boom
460/25 457 188
430/21 446 181
430/21 435 175
400/19 425 171
400/19 415 167
400/19 405 163
400/19 394 157
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