03/19/2009: Windy!

03/19/09: Windy! – It’s been one of the windiest weeks I’ve ever witnessed on Maui – daily on 4.0, sometimes even 3.7, maxed-out! Below a photo of the last Kona wind event, Lowers, Kanaha, way too offshore but at least my beloved port-tack. Photo courtesy of Alex.

02/21/2008: Not much wind

02/21/08: Not much wind – Not much wind lately but finally some waves again. Some photos below from Ho’okipa and a Kona wind day at Lanes. Photo courtesy of Chico.

09/03/2007: Waves!

09/03/07: Waves! After having 1 week of very light winds + tiny waves (see photos below) we received a small bump from the North today – Ho’okipa was packed, being labor day and everybody hungry to catch a few… Photo courtesy of Arnau Riera and www.mauiwindsurfing.net (first pic only).

08/16/2007: Hurricane Flossie

08/16/07: Hurricane Flossie passed to the South of big Island without causing any major damage. We received some swell on Monday and plenty of rain Tuesday & Wednesday. Today is typical summer weather again – windy and flat. Photos by Harry Wiewel.

08/10/2007: More windswell!

Last Sunday – Tuesday (peaking Monday), another windswell hit! Now it’s flat again but we might get some more swell, another hurricane is on its way, “Flossie”… This is only my second summer on Maui but it is about 300% better than the last one. Pic sequence courtesy of Dan Rayburn.