2011 Goya sails

We received our first 2011 sails and had some photo shoots as well. I can’t believe how good they are! Great neutral feeling and big wind range as I am used to from the last few years – but drastically reduced weight – the 4.7 feels like a 4.2!

Thanks to Giampaolo for the photo. Pictured is a Guru 4.2, cyan.

0 thoughts on “2011 Goya sails

  1. Hi Pascal.
    My 5.3 is a -08.
    I agree with you about the big wind range and stability :).
    Tryed a north Ice and it feelt like a sail from -90, going on and of in gusty winds.
    Well it wasn`t for me anyway.
    Really need a 4.7 and a 4.2.
    My old one`s are from 2005.
    Still looking for a quad, and a new jobb.
    Hope to visit Maui in november pending on my jobbsearch.

  2. we are very keen on becomming agents for goya in cape town south africa who do i contact
    thanks from a cold cape town

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