First kona wind day of 2013!

Nothing really epic (waves too ENE and therefore more peaks than peeling) but nonetheless had a blast! Especially since it wasn’t crowded and the forecast called for SE instead of SW winds.

Photos by Dani Marti and Jimmie Hepp, thanks guys!

230637_473267566044246_1211685320_n397670_473267562710913_1062661609_n379287_10151346809199916_303386497_n321457_473267529377583_2053101725_n396040_10151346809534916_1573900576_n 422307_10151346809399916_1940011505_n 479716_10151346809359916_238411065_n 734758_10151346809269916_165534593_n 19521_10151346809289916_1035154490_n


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