Domain- and blog transfer

I finally got my own domain name (!) and had to transfer this blog – and a few posts and pics were unfortunately lost – so please find below pics that were still in the library but not added to any particular blog posts.

Photo courtesy of many great photographers – thanks guys!


After having quite a good Summer wave-wise, the last few weeks were sort of disappointing, mostly no waves or small mushy windswell. But Fall is around the corner and the North Pacific is getting more active again!

+H2O (Positive H2O) Press Release

New Professional Windsurfing and Waterman Team Created

Windsurfing Legends Join Forces To Promote Access To Clean Water


MAUI, HI – August 1st, 2010 – A group of the windsurfing sport’s most talented and decorated athletes and all around watermen announce that they have joined together to create +H2O (positive +H2O), a professional team devoted to the promotion of water issues in the world’s oceans, lakes and rivers.

“There’s more to +H2O than just four professional sailors,” remarked Levi Siver, “Its about our passion, for the water that gives us the environment to do what we do. Water is amazing, and while its required for our sports, its a necessary element for life.”

+H2O is a collaboration of world renowned pro-windsurfer Levi Siver, master board shaper and waterman Keith Teboul, professional windsurfer and videographer Jake Miller and professional windsurfer Pascal Bronnimann, who’s amazing wave riding style is only matched by his smile and blonde dreadlocks.

+H2O will raise awareness and money to help fund clean water projects worldwide with local activism and the help of non-profits. They will leverage their public appeal as professional windsurfers with online video, social networks, photos and stories and on-location video webcasting from locations around the globe.

“Water is something that we take for granted,” said Pascal Bronnimann, “But there are people all over the world that worry about where they’ll get their next drink of water from. Clean water issues and water access issues are important for our planet, especially for the planet’s children. I’m excited that we’re going to be able to impact people’s lives with positive projects that will help solve these problems for the people that we touch.”

+H2O is based out of Maui, Hawaii. From this unique position in the globe, they are able to take a different vantage point of helping others through the use of their passion. Jake Miller stated, “I’m so grateful to be able to share this experience with our team and the world. We all can help make positive changes in the world and I feel lucky our team has found a way of making a change that I hope will inspire others.”

For more information, please visit team +H2O website at

Small waves

After one week of unexpected waves we had a flat spell (I should just get used to it in Summer…).
Saturday saw some nice shoulder- to head high waves and was uncrowded. Yesterday (Sunday) was small but still some fun waves coming thru once in a while.

2011 Goya sails

We received our first 2011 sails and had some photo shoots as well. I can’t believe how good they are! Great neutral feeling and big wind range as I am used to from the last few years – but drastically reduced weight – the 4.7 feels like a 4.2!

Thanks to Giampaolo for the photo. Pictured is a Guru 4.2, cyan.